Japanese voice-acting school opens online branch with support from UCOLLEX and other Web3 firms

Yoyogi Animation Academy’s website

Yoyogi Animation Academy, a Japanese school for training animation voice actors and actresses, has opened a “full remote” school where all classes are conducted online. 

The remote school consists of two faculties, one of which will be the NFT art faculty offering courses on the new form of digital art. The other faculty will include the departments of manga and animation, according to an announcement by Yoyogi on July 12.

Classes can be watched live or archived, and students can raise questions to instructors online, and use avatars to interact in the virtual space. Individual interviews are held weekly online to provide support for and guidance on students’ learning process.

The new remote school adds to the 10 branches across Japan that the academy currently operates.

Monobundle, a blockchain product developer, UCOLLEX, a Hong-Kong based NFT platform for artists and creators, and Gugenka, a smartphone app for creating avatars for the metaverse, are providing support to the school.

The academy said the online school made it easier for high school or university students, as well as people with a job and those living in remote areas, to attend its classes. There are also mechanisms allowing students to transfer to the full-time system.