Spectrum’s Decentraland gallery opens to local bodies for free to support revitalisation

CG production house Spectrum is renting out its newly opened gallery in the 3D virtual world platform Decentraland free of charge to local self-governing bodies and organisations for carrying out local revitalisation projects.

The local bodies can use Spectrum’s virtual gallery on the metaverse to showcase products, photos, souvenirs and sightseeing spots during the campaign between May 30 and June 30. 

The initiative was designed to mark the recent opening of the gallery and to provide an opportunity for local bodies to get a taste of using the metaverse. 

Some local authorities in Japan are using the metaverse for local revitalisation. In one case, Toda City in Saitama Prefecture will demonstrate its experience at Virtual Expo in Toda to be held from October 22 to 24.

Spectrum was established in March 2020 by Seiu Toyoda, a representative from a management consulting firm, through the merger of a management consulting company and a design company. 

Its gallery, Spectrum Decentraland branch, is a research base in the metaverse for the introduction and development of NFTs in companies. 

In February, VR service developer HIKKY launched the “Parareal World Project” to recreate cities in the real world in the metaverse. Its target is to create 100 cities in the metaverse within five years to support tourist destinations and industries hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and disasters.