IG Port, Wit Studio partner with Animoca Brands KK to release ‘Bubble’ characters NFTs

Japanese animation companies IG Port and Wit Studio have announced they would release non-fungible tokens featuring popular characters and iconic scenes from their titles, in a new collaboration with Animoca Brands KK, a Japanese subsidiary of Hong Kong-based blockchain powerhouse Animoca Brands.

“Bubble,” “Vampire in the Garden” and “Great Pretender” are the first titles to be included, with NFTs of their characters and scenes available for sale from June, according to IG Port’s announcement on May 17.

The partnership also involves digital collectible platform Madworld and Ucollex, an NFT platform specialising in art and pop culture items. They will handle the NFT sales.

IG Port described the move as a new way for fans to enjoy animation works. 

“[It is] creating a community of animation fans from around the world, and challenging them to not only watch videos, but also collect and connect with each other,”  the company said. “It is a diverse and new way to enjoy animation works that is unique to Web 3.”

“Bubble” is directed by Araki Tetsuro, who has worked on TV animation series such as “Shinkage no Kyojin”, and written by Kyobuchi Gen, who has written TV animation series such as “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, and has been distributed on Netflix since April 28. The film version, distributed by Warner Bros. and featuring voice acting by actors Shikon Jun and Hirose Alice, was released on May 13. “Vampire in the Garden” and “Great Pretender” are also available worldwide on Netflix.

Animoca Brands KK was established on February 15 after raising US$5 million from the IPX1 fund set up by MCP Asset Management and another US$5 million from Animoca Brands. The IPX1 fund includes Kodansha, Nishinippon Railways and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank.

In March, Animoca Brands KK announced a collaboration with Mitsubishi UFJ Bank in NFT-related business, such as the use of NFTs in identity verification and safe custody services for assets. These services are expected by the end of the year.