Mobile game company Colopl establishes subsidiary to develop play-to-earn games

Japan-based mobile phone game company Colopl has created a new subsidiary to run blockchain game business, with a focus on the play-to-earn concept.

The wholly owned subsidiary Brilliantcrypto aims to promote the “Proof of Gaming” idea, in which playing games can create value in the actual world for players. 

The new company will be engaged in the development and distribution of services such as GameFi that utilize blockchain technology, crypto assets and NFTs. The company will be headed by Jun Isao Baba, founder and chairman of Colopl.

In recent years, “Play to Earn”, in which players earn money while playing games, has been attracting attention and has become a large market. However, Colopl said the “Play to Earn” concept, as it currently is, has sustainability issues. The company said it is necessary to devise ways for gamers to create value in the world by playing games.

Under the new concept of “Proof of Gaming,” the Colopl Group will utilize its blockchain technology and expertise that it has accumulated in the game business to create new value for games.