Major New York exhibition to showcase NFT diversity

The NFT.NYC Diversity of Art Showcase, a mega NFT-themed event, will be held in New York next month to showcase artworks from 216 NFT creators from around the world.

Organisers have received more than 1,500 submissions from artists who range from a seven-year-old fine artist to world-renowned photographers. Selected artists had to have demonstrated thought leadership, to be passionate about the diversity of NFTs or represent diversity in the NFT community. A total of 216 creators have been selected, according to the organisers’ final list released on May 23.

About 62 per cent of the applicants came from the United States while the remaining 38 per cent came from 16 other countries including Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. The event will take place in New York from June 20 to 23.

A handful of Japanese artists are among the 216 selected creators. They include KalenIwamoto, who focuses on exploring the boundaries of conceptual writing and NFT media; Goro Ishihata, who makes a self-portrait per day for 2,000 days; Shinsei Galverse’, who is inspired by animation works from the 1980s and uses girl characters as motifs, and illustrator, graphic designer and picture book author Rinna ♥︎ Cat Rinna.

Artists selected for the event will be able to publish their original work as part of “The NFT.NYC 2022 Diversity of NFTs Art Collection.” Unpublished works on the theme of the Diversity of NFTs will be displayed on billboards in Times Square and the atrium of the Marriott Marquis in New York City.

NFTs in The NFT.NYC Diversity of Art Collection will be published on Ethereum and will be available for sale in the NYC Art Gallery. All proceeds and royalties will go to the artists.