STEPN’s developer launches multi-chain NFT marketplace

NFT marketplace MOOAR

Find Satoshi Lab, a Web3 gaming studio which develops the move-to-earn app STEPN, has announced the launch of a multi-chain NFT marketplace called MOOAR.

The new platform will charge an initial monthly subscription fee instead of a service fee per transaction. A default royalties fee is set at 2 per cent but creators are allowed to set it anywhere between 0.5 and 10 per cent.

MOOAR users can buy the digital sneakers required to use in STEPN, and can build and sell NFT collections on the platform, which support Ethereum and Solana chains.

In a statement released on November 1, Find Satoshi said it aimed to empower traders and creators through the unique membership model. 

The creation of the new marketplace establishes the studio’s ecosystem as self-sustaining where STEPN, its decentralized exchange DOOAR, and MOOAR work in collaboration to support each other without the need for members to pay additional service fees outside of the initial platform membership fees, it said.

“[Find Satoshi Lab] believes that creators deserve royalties, which we have decided to utilize royalties for MOOAR. We feel the zero service fee is only sustainable through a membership model, and for FSL and the greater industry to sustain itself, we must value our creators,” said Yawn Rong, co-founder of Find Satoshi Lab.

An additional utility has been launched to the ecosystem’s native GMT token to allow holders to vote within MOOAR’s launchpad, where outside creators can propose their projects for debut.