CryptoNinja Partners NFTs featured as reward for hometown tax contributors

A CryptoNinja Partners item

The popular NFT collection CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) has been used as a reward to contributors to a hometown building tax program in Japan. 

A total of 222 items under the collection were claimed just a few minutes after the “Furusato CNP” project from Yoichi Town, Hokkaido, began accepting applications on October 28, according to Bucket, the company which sells the popular series.

CNP is a spin-off from the CryptoNinja NFT project that features ninja-themed character IPs created by investor Hayato Ikeda, known by his nickname “Ikehaya.” CNP consists of 22,222 NFTs created by the NinjaDAO community, in which about 40,000 people participate. 

The total amount in circulation has reached 3,000 ETH (equivalent to about 700 million yen) as of August.

The NFTs featured in the Yoichi Town Furusato CNP2022 were designed as one-of-a-kind items with different combinations of backgrounds, parts, and characters drawn in the motif of Yoichi Town’s specialties, such as wine and famous places, with a total of 222 types available. Each item was priced at 30,000 yen. Holders can increase their NFT “level” by visiting Yoichi Town, and the tokens’ graphics will evolve as they visit the town.

Application for the items began at 6pm but was closed in a matter of minutes, as all were claimed. 

Furusato CNP is a joint initiative by Bucket and Aruyaumu, a developer and provider of a platform that utilizes NFT for Furusato tax payment, which allows local governments to issue NFTs with a motif of CNP’s character as a return gift for Furusato tax payment. 

Participating municipalities can issue NFTs with original designs created by CNP creators who illustrate the scenery and specialties of the area and combine them with CNP characters. The company has also developed a portal site “Furusato Tax Payment NFT,” which specifically handles NFT returns and provides integrated management of donation receipts and NFTs.