Metaverse job fair to match Ukrainian people with Japanese employers


Two Japanese companies will jointly hold a job fair on the metaverse to help Ukrainian refugees looking for jobs in Japan. 

MindFree, a digital marketing company, and Nextage, which provides support for sustainable development, will open “Restaurant Bar J⇔U” on Metaverse, with the aim of supporting Ukraine. The project was born out of a desire to help those in need in society by utilizing IT and digital technology.

A “Job and Food Matching Fair” is scheduled to be held on Gather, a metaverse platform, on November 18, at 6pm. Up to 15 Japanese companies seeking up to 20 Ukrainian people who have English skills and wish to work for Japanese firms will take part. The fair will try to match up them on the virtual platform. 

The space design of the restaurant bar J⇔U was commissioned to a Ukrainian web designer who has fled to Japan. MindFree has paid for the project cost, saying it hoped a growing demand for metaverse will help Ukrainian people hone their skills and connect them to future jobs.

Daniel Leung, president of MindFree, said that it is important to “step out and take action” in the case of Ukraine, which has been fighting invading Russian troops since February. 

At the matching fair, Japanese business representatives and Ukrainian refugees connect through computers and smartphones while eating borscht and udon noodles, respectively, in their own homes. Leung would like Ukrainians to try udon since the food item most impressed him during his visit to Japan.

Udon will be sent to Ukrainian participants in advance. Japanese participants will be taught how to make borscht and learn other aspects of Ukrainian culture.