Toyonaka City partners with private firm to discover NFT creators

Local authorities in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture are collaborating with the private sector in a project to discover NFT creators and promote exchange on the new form of digital art.

The project, titled “Toyonaka Art Connection” and held in collaboration with private company Speed Inc., is inviting creators to submit NFT artworks for a series of exhibitions in November. Organizers are accepting entries until October 31.

Their works will go on display at the Toyonaka City Hall No. 2 and the Toyonaka Municipal Culture and Art Center from November 22 to 27.

An event will be held at the municipal culture and art center on November 23. It will include an opening talk entitled “Toyonaka, Creator, NFT” to discuss the present and future of NFT art. Visitors can also join a NFT beginner course and a demonstration workshop. 

The project is part of the “Urban Innovation TOYONAKA” project, which aims to solve social issues in cooperation with the private sector.