DMM, TART to make 3D printed products of NFTs

Japan-based and NFT creator company TART will jointly launch a project to produce physical renditions of NFT art using 3D printing.

The companies said the “DMM.make physical NFT ART project” aims to demonstrate the diversity of artists and create a sustainable economy through the sale of 3D printed versions of NFT art. The first step will see products stemming from “Generativemasks” go up for sale starting January 2023.

Generativemasks is an NFT art project launched by creative coder Shunsuke Takao in 2021. It is an extension of Takao’s other project “Daily Coding” in which he tries to connect programming with daily life. A total of 10,000 of its items were sold out in just over two hours after their release.

The price of the 3D printed version of Generativemasks is yet to be determined and will be paid for with cryptographic assets (ETH). Other details will be announced at a later date..

Prior to the sale, Takao will showcase his 3D printed Generativemasks during the “Digital Antiques Exhibition – Thinking about the value and ownership in the future” at BE AT STUDIO HARAJUKU (6th floor of Laforet Harajuku, Tokyo) from October 29 to November 13.