Warner Bros. launches Lord of the Rings NFT

Warner Bros. has partnered with blockchain company Eluvio to release an NFT based on the first instalment of The Lord of the Rings series released in 2001.

Featuring two editions, “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Web3 movie experience” is billed as an exciting new way for fans to engage with the film through two dynamic options. 

The US$30 Mystery Edition (10,000 items) features an interactive navigation menu based on one of three iconic locations featured in the film: The Shire (Hobbit Shire), Rivendell (Rivendell Valley) or Mines of Moria.

The US$100 Epic Edition (999 items) offers a bonus image gallery experience in addition to the navigation menu. 

Both editions include over 8 hours of bonus footage, commentary, location-specific image galleries and augmented reality collectibles, in addition to 4K/UHD footage of the full film.

Michelle Munson, Eluvio’s chief executive, said the NFT is “designed for a mass consumer audience, not just Web3 enthusiasts, which is why it should, and does, feel so remarkable and engaging. At the same time, WBHE is setting a new bar for innovation in the distribution of home movies by demonstrating the potential of Web3 for consumer engagement, digital supply chain transformation, and new business opportunities.”

Prior to the NFT announcement, Warner Bros. opened a new Twitter account, Warner Bros. NFT. According to the post, the Epic Edition sold out in 15 minutes on October 21.