Azuki sells 8 NFT-linked golden skateboards for US$2.54m

The popular NFT collection Azuki has sold eight tokens each linked to a rare golden skateboard for a total of 1901.06 ETH (approximately US$2.54 million) during a hotly contested auction. 

One of the skateboards fetched 309 ETH to break the record of the most expensive skateboard that Azuki’s creator Chiru Labs has ever sold. Even the cheapest item in this auction sold for 200 ETH, according to Chiru Labs’ announcement on Twitter.

The auction, held on October 21, had been fierce bidding, particularly in the final moments, Chiru Labs said. It was held after Chiru Labs announced a new token standard, the Physical Backtoken (PBT), which ties digital NFT ownership to physical item ownership. 

When a physical BEAN Chip (NFC tag) is read by a smartphone connected to a wallet, a token will be issued to prove ownership. If the owner relinquishes the physical item, the PBT will be transferred when the next owner reads the BEAN Chip, and the process will be recorded on the Ethereum chain.

The winning bidders in the October 21 auction were given NFTs that can be used to redeem their physical boards after November.