Odakyu Electric Railway to open advanced XR technology showroom in Tokyo

Odakyu Electric Railway will open a permanent showroom in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo in November for visitors to experience some of the world’s most advanced XR technologies.

This is part of the “5G Service Implementation Project” under the “Nishi-Shinjuku Advanced Service Implementation Industry-Government-Academia Consortium,” a Tokyo Metropolitan Government project to promote the use of 5G mobile networks.

The showroom “NEUU” will be divided into three zones: an “Experience Space” where visitors can enjoy XR works, a “Workspace” where the latest devices can be rented and tried, and a “Showroom” where new products and services will be exhibited. 

The “Experience Space” will feature the VR film “Feather” directed by Keisuke Ito, which premiered in the virtual reality section of the Venice International Film Festival, and Yuhara Kazuki’s “MOWB” which was nominated for the VEER FUTURE AWARD in the XR section of the Cannes International Film Festival.

Visitors can also wear special equipment to travel through a world of the paintings. The lineup of works will be updated every three months, with priority given to online reservations, and the experience fee starts at 1,000 yen per work.

The workspace will display the latest works by XR creators, which can be appreciated by using more than five types of the latest devices available for rent. It will also be a place for creators to interact with each other. 

On Saturdays and Sundays, it will host the “VR Professional Academy” to introduce next-generation XR creators. Local and overseas creators from France and Taiwan, who have produced many world-renowned XR works, are planning to hold exchange sessions there.