Blockchain-based Captain Tsubasa game to feature generative NFTs

Two Japan-based game companies will team up to launch a blockchain game that draws on the popular soccer manga Captain Tsubasa. 

SWORD PTE LTD., a subsidiary of VR game developer Thirdverse, and BLOCKSMITH&Co., a Web3 subsidiary of mobile online game company KLab, will launch  the blockchain game “Captain Tsubasa – RIVALS” by the end of this year, the companies said on October 18.

The game will allow players to train characters from the manga and compete against each. Rivalry pieces obtained through matches can be exchanged for rewards including NFTs of main and support characters. Unlike traditional smartphone games, the players in Captain Tsubasa – RIVALS are all generative NFTs, meaning they are programmatically generated to consist of different pictures, parameters, special move scene movies, and background music, even if they are the same player.

In addition, Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO), a musician, producer and DJ who has produced and remixed tracks from various artists in Japan and abroad, will produce music to “deliver the appeal of Captain Tsubasa and the depth of the blockchain game.”

A utility token called “TSUBASAUT” will be used to train players who will become generative NFTs. “TSUBASAUT” can be acquired in the battle mode against rivals from the original game, and can be used to grow the player’s level and parameters, learn special moves and skills, and issue new player NFTs that inherit the characteristics of the two players. The player NFTs can also be distributed through the in-game marketplace.

“TSUBASAUT” has been designed to encourage players to enjoy the game rather than speculate. The game system will give preferential treatment for those using the token, and introduce dynamic control to balance the acquisition and consumption of tokens. The companies said they focus on adjusting the supply-demand balance and concentrate on the sustainability of the gaming economic sphere. There are also plans to list “TSUBASAUT” through an exchange (IEO).

In June, Captain Tsubasa released “Captain Tsubasa Land” on The Sandbox, a popular blockchain game under the umbrella of Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based blockchain company. The official account of “Captain Tsubasa” and Yoichi Takahashi, the author of the original story, warned on Twitter on June 17 that illegal NFTs were being sold. Since mid-May both “FOOTBALL METAVERSE” and “MANGAVERSE” accounts have been selling “Captain Tsubasa” NFTs.