Limited-edition JR West train NFTs sell out within minutes

JR West’s railway train NFT collection has been well received, with three limited-edition “Twilight Express” 3D figures snapped up by collectors within two minutes of their release on October 14.

Three other NFTs launched on the same day also sold out in less than 8 minutes.

The “JR West Natsutetsu NFT Collection” includes a total of 96 NFTs in three types: trading cards (1,100 yen), 3D figures (3,300 yen) and train marks (2,200 yen). Each NFT is limited to 100 pieces and features one of 32 different trains.

The 3D Figure NFTs feature an animation of a moving miniature train, with the tunes of “Heykens Serenade,” “Alps Ranch” or “Railway Song” being played as in-train chimes.

In an early sale, a total of 500 pieces of the “500 Series Shinkansen NFT” sold out within five days of its launch on October 8.

This collection, launched to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of Japan’s first railway service, is now up for sale on the LINE NFT marketplace. New items featuring different types of trains are released each day up till November 14, and are announced on an official Twitter page the day before.

Owners can set the NFTs as their profile images on the instant messaging app, or trade them on the secondary market.