Shibuya PARCO event showcases Japanese creators’ artwork featured in NFT.NYC

The shopping mall Shibuya PARCO in Tokyo attracted much attention this week when NFT artwork by three of the seven Japanese artists earlier featured at NFT.NYC went on display to domestic viewers.

The works featured in the XR NFT ART EXHIBITION included “WORK TO EAT” by art director and visual artist Minori Murata, which questions “the state in which we are being exploited by the act of working.” Kyoto-based artist Ryo Takegawa from xorium showcased his “CHIHAYABURU” project, which visualizes “Yaoyorozuunokami” (eight million gods). Graphic designer Kenta Nakano displayed the “NFT NYC SOFVI”, which is an auction battle of giant NFT soft vinyl.

Visitors gained a rare chance to view the artworks freely and could take part in a tour of the exhibited works between October 15 and 17.. A booth was also set up on the first floor of Shibuya PARCO’s “Nakashibu Street” to signify the event.

NFT.NYC, the world’s largest NFT-related event, was held in New York in June, showcasing digital artwork by more than 200 creators from around the world and featuring forums by those involved in Web3.

The art exhibition in New York was created by Psychic VR Lab, which operates the XR creative platform “STYLY.” The company plans to launch the “Shibuya Scramble Layer” project, an XR-ized version of the same Shibuya scramble crossing to enhance the value of urban experiences through metaverse. PARCO has also endorsed the project.