tofuNFT marketplace partners with Yoshitaka Amano’s CANDY GIRL project

NFT marketplace tofuNFT announced on October 17 that it has entered into a strategic partnership with illustrator Yoshitaka Amano’s NFT project CANDY GIRL.

The recent fine art project depicts 108 angels that Amano has been working on in recent years. The exclusive collection will not only include NFTs but also combine with art, music, food, stories and food.

The project is brought to Web3 by Twin Planet and Stake Technologies, the developer of the Astar Network, a public blockchain from Japan.

A member of this framework, tofuNFT has the largest volume of secondary NFT transactions on Astar, and as such, supports initiatives to build a creator economy on Web3 and promote the works of Japanese artists and IP content globally. The company plans to build a UI that recreates the world view of CANDY GIRL, and to introduce credit card payment and bulk purchase functions.

In September, tofuNFT partnered with X2Y2, which operates an NFT marketplace. It focuses on jointly developing a technical base for the NFT marketplace and cooperation in regional development.

The partnership with CANDY GIRL will develop a “white label” service, a format that allows the project to have an NFT marketplace under its own name. Starting with this, the project aims to promote NFT utilization in Japan.