Occult magazine Mu offers amulet NFTs in special edition

Mu, a Japanese monthly magazine about mysteries and occult, is offering a set of amulet NFTs as bonus gifts in a recent special edition.

Each copy of its “OP Special November 22 Special Edition,” which hit the market on October 7, comes with two digital amulets, which have five variants in total offering good luck for “money,” “work,” “love,” “victory” and “protection against evil.”

Mu published its first issue in October 1979 and has since become a popular magazine. It covers UFOs, supernatural phenomena, ancient civilizations, etc. and prides itself on “challenging the mysteries and wonders of the world.”

Months before the publication of its 500th issue in July, Mu released a special guidebook on the parallel world it suggested in an unusual collaboration with a popular Japanese travel guidebook. That book has since become a bestseller.

The NFTs now on offer are developed by publisher One Publishing, e-publishing agency Mediadoo and major book agency Tohan. Readers have to open an account on FanTop, and scan a gift code offered by the magazine to acquire the digital amulets.

Readers may get an amulet different from the type they desire, or receive duplicates even when they have bought multiple copies. But according to Love Me Do, a popular fortune teller who hand-wrote the amulets, “That’s the oracle. If there are duplicates, the message is that you should focus on that area and strengthen it.” 

Or else, they can give their amulets to people who have the corresponding desires. “The talisman that fulfills a wish contains positive energy. If that energy is useful in fulfilling another person’s wish, the person who gives the talisman will accumulate hidden virtues,” Lo Me Do said.

The NFTs can be transferred or sold on FanTop.

The price of the special edition is 1,200 yen including tax, and the regular edition without the NFTs is 990 yen.