Tokai Bus launches NFT project for buses over past century

Transport company Odakyu Group has launched the “Tokai Bus NFT” project featuring previous generations of its buses that ran between Izu and other parts of eastern Shizuoka Prefecture.

The first phase saw the drop of 10 NFTs on October 10. The project was developed in collaboration with CryptoGames, an NFT service developer that has been involved in blockchain games such as “CryptoSpells,” and is being sold on the “NFTStudio” marketplace. 

Its aim is to engrave the 105-year history of Tokai Bus on the blockchain. The bus route network was opened in 1917 and has since been running in the Izu Peninsula. 

The 10 limited-edition NFTs are each priced at 3,000 yen including tax. Payment can be made by credit card. Sales will continue until October 19, or when the tokens are sold out. 

In addition, Tokaibus DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), opened a Discord account on October 5 to generate ideas for Web3 initiatives in the future. It aims to gather fans to talk and discuss the second and third Tokaibus NFTs, and to plan new projects that will enhance the Tokaibus NFTs. 

The group is also considering giving members the right to vote on Tokaibus DAO operations, access to certain content, and eligibility to participate in special events, among other benefits.