Japan Post releases NFTs of stamps with Rakuten

Japan Post launched its first NFTs of postage stamp artwork on the Rakuten NFT marketplace on October 3. 

The NFTs are divided into three series, namely animal, flower and scenery. A total of 300 packs were put on sale, each selling for 2,980 Japanese yen including tax.

The animal series consist of five types of stamps each priced between 2 and 50 yen. The flower series consist of six types of stamps each priced between 63 and 140 yen, and the scenery series have three types of stamps priced between 210 and 500 yen. 

Japan Post has been considering making use of NFTs and the metaverse for some time, and the release of NFTs of postage stamps marked the first step in this direction. It formed a capital and business alliance with the Rakuten Group last year.

The Rakuten NFT marketplace allows users to purchase NFTs in various fields such as sports, music and animation, as well as buy and sell NFTs between individuals. In September, the company announced that it would support payments in crypto assets starting this autumn.

The Japan Post Group commented: “This is an initiative that leverages the strengths and features of both the Rakuten Group and the Japan Post Group.”