Legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano to launch Web3 collection ‘Candy Girl’ in partnership with Astar Network

Legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano, known for creating visuals for the popular Final Fantasy video game series, will create a Web3 art collection “Candy Girl” in partnership with production house Twin Planet and Stake Technologies, the developer of the Astar Network.

The project will bring to life on the blockchain a total of 108 angels that Amano has been working on in recent years. The young and glamorous design language became an inspiration for fashion works in the “Tokyo Girls Collection 2017” and the Mitsukoshi Ginza’s “Discover Tokyo” event.

The exclusive collection will include not only NFTs but also a combination of art, music, stories, fashion and food, Twin Planet said in a September 29 statement.

Amano commented: “I look forward to seeing the Candy Girl’s venture out of the world of fine art and into the world of Web 3, and spread their wings to the world as virtual artists.”

Twin Planet and Stake Technologies said there are high hurdles for creators to enter the Web 3 market in terms of knowledge and skills, such as blockchain and NFTs. They aim to build a creator economy in the Web3 market through this partnership, and to promote Japanese content globally.

On September 26, Stake Technologies  listed its crypto asset “ASTR” on the crypto asset exchange Bitbank, and on September 27, announced the establishment of a new company with Hakuhodo to support companies’ entry into the Web3 market.