Nikkei, Financial Times explore Bitcoin mining issues in collaborative video with Rhizomatiks

“Watt is Money?” visuals created by Rhizomatiks

Nikkei and its subsidiary, the Financial Times (FT), are set to release a journalistic video exploring power consumption and environmental issues related to Bitcoin mining.

The video “Watt is Money?” is produced in collaboration with Japan-based creative group Rhizomatiks. It is the latest in the “FT Standpoint” series of video content that FT has been developing for the past four years in collaboration with artists.

The making of the video also involves the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) at the University of Cambridge, which publishes the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, a database of power consumption by mining operations. The report provides easy-to-understand explanations of topics including mining. 

The video will be shown during an exhibition “WALL&WALL” to be held in Omotesando, Tokyo, from September 27 to 28. It will then be displayed in the Nikkei Digital Edition and Additional exhibitions will also be held in London and New York.

Artist Daito Manabe, head of Rhizomatiks, said: “Various technologies such as crypto assets and AI are being implemented in society at a tremendous pace. What is the impact of innovation on the environment? What actions should we take now to prepare for the future? We hope to share with you our thoughts on these issues generated through this project.”