Tokyo taxis to give passengers ‘JobTribes’ NFTs in special event

GameFi platform operator Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd (DEA) will run a “JobTribes Taxi” program in Tokyo, in which taxi passengers will receive limited-edition NFTs that can be used in DEA’s NFT card game “JobTribes.” 

From September 19 to October 2, passengers hiring a taxi equipped with the Canvas display system and under Kokusai Jidosha or Daiwa Jidosha Kotsu groups can receive these NFTs. The program will cover the 23 wards of Tokyo, as well as the neighboring Musashino and Mitaka areas.

The JobTribes Taxis will display new illustrations from the popular animation “Mobile Police Patlabor” created by Akemi Takada, as well as CG illustrations by art director Teruhisa Tajima. A video interview with DEA co-owner Kozo Yamada, who talks about the latest gaming trends and Web 3.0, will be shown inside the cabin.

Four types of NFTs will be distributed in limited quantities: Taxi Driver, Chauffeur, Bike Courier and Delivery Drive. The NFT drop will close once they are all given out. 

JobTribes is a play-to-earn card game in which players compete to control “job gods” in a fictional world where jobs exist as gods. The game plot is written by Shin Jubayashi, who was named one of the “Top 6 Japanese Creators” by Netflix. 

Points earned in the game can be exchanged for DEAPcoin, a crypto asset operated by DEA, which can be used to purchase NFTs on the company’s NFT marketplace, PlayMining NFT.