Puma launches first metaverse experience and NFTs tied to limited edition sneakers

Sportswear giant Puma has unveiled its first metaverse website experience called “Black Station” during the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in the U.S.

Black Station features exclusive NFTs redeemable against limited edition physical sneakers, Puma said in a September 7 announcement. 

Users are invited to enter a digital lobby space on Black Station with three separate portals. The first two portals, accessible starting September 7, will unveil exclusive Nitro NFRNO and Nitro Fastroid sneakers linked to Puma’s recent NFT Nitropass mint.

Those who minted a Nitropass can receive two NFTs – one tied to physical products and one that unlocks a customized experience linked to their chosen shoe. Following the Futrograde show, minters can claim their physical sneakers by burning their product-claimed NFT. 

Puma said this marked a new step for the brand in the Web3 space, establishing its first PUMA-owned NFT that links digital design with in-real-life physical products.

“Black Station will become a dynamic destination to visit, connecting consumers with various web3 activations emerging over the course of the next year and beyond,” it said.

The third portal will function as an entry to the digital NYFW metaverse fashion show. Visitors will be immersed into an interactive space abstracted with point cloud style effects. They will journey through a digital adaptation of the show, where visitors can interact with the collection’s pieces. 

In January, Puma applied for a trademark registration in relation to the metaverse amid speculation that it was entering Web3 business. The application involved items such as clothing, bags and sports equipment that can be used in virtual spaces, as well as the creation of avatars and characters.