Font creator Morisawa, Anifie team up to produce font NFTs for BAYC

Morisawa USA, the US subsidiary of font producer Morisawa, has partnered with NFT company Anifie Inc. to create fonts for the popular NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). 

Unique and designed to express the world of BAYC, the font NFTs will be used in some items from the coveted series, such as BAYC#3267 that will be on display on Anifie’s marketplace, Anifie said on September 6. 

Morisawa USA will also combine its font NFT with BAYC #9711 and enable the creation of secondary content. A new patent-pending technology at Anifie allows two or more NFTs to merge to create a new secondary content NFT. A new feature will allow NFTs to be created with celebrity avatars dressed in luxury brand digital fashions.

Holders who have been granted the right to create secondary content can use Anifie technology to add their own message, in Morisawa USA’s fonts, to their NFTs.  Anifie said this function could allow users to add their own personal message when giving an NFT as a gift. 

Morisawa’s UD (Universal Design) fonts, designed to be easy to read, have been included in Google Fonts service since April.