Japanese comedian Razor Ramon HG to launch generative NFT series

Japanese comedian Razor Ramon HG has announced that he would launch a generative NFT collection “Hard Animal Generative”.

The series will consist of 4,444 pieces of digital artwork featuring animals dressed in the comedian’s style. The collection will be launched soon, and a white list of 10 Twitter followers will be launched on September 6, Razor Ramon HG said.

A popular figure on a TV talent show, Razor Ramon HG has attracted viewers’ attention to his realistic and delicate drawing skills. In April, his drawings were converted into the NFT collection CryptoHG.

The upcoming generative NFTs are created by incorporating coincidences arising from algorithms. Its production has taken about four months and has been supported by the comedian’s wife and TV personality Anna Sumiya, who is known as a holder of the popular NFT collection Clone X, a collaboration between NFT studio RTFKT and contemporary artist Takashi Murakami.