Shinsei Galverse NFTs can be used as VTubers under new feature

The Shinsei Galverse NFT collection will introduce a new function to allow its holders to use the NFTs as VTubers, or virtual YouTubers, to create content in the metaverse.

The new function aims to bring all 8,888 girl characters in the collection to life by turning them into the virtual, animated hosts in voice-over auditions, community activities or other broadcasts in the metaverse, its creators announced on August 30. A beta test will begin this week.

It was launched in collaboration with the Web3 studio VOLTAKU.

The Shinsei Galverse collection is designed by artist Emi Kusano, illustrator Ayaka Ohira and others and features girl characters influenced by 1980s animations. Its story revolves around the goddesses on the planet “Hoshimother” torn apart by a supernova explosion and split into 8,888 gals.

Shinsei Galverse NFTs were displayed during the NFT.NYC Diversity of NFT art collection, the world’s largest annual NFT event, in June. 

The collection attracted much attention in April when it was open to sale. Each NFT was priced at 0.07ETH. Within 24 hours after the sale began, it made it to the top of the world’s ranking in trading volume. 

As of August 31, its total circulation on leading marketplace OpenSea was about 5,800ETH.