CryptoNinja Partners NFTs’ circulation reaches 3,000ETH

The total circulation of the CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) NFT collection has reached 3,000 ETH (approximately US$4.35 million) since its launch in May, its Japan-based distributor Bucket said on August 27.

CNP is a spin-off from the CryptoNinja NFT project that features ninja-themed character IPs created by investor Hayato Ikeda, known by his nickname “Ikehaya.” CNP consists of 22,222 NFTs created by the NinjaDAO community, in which about 40,000 people participate.

In July, an event called “Bar Shinobi” was held for owners to exchange new character NFTs. In August, the “CNP Rainbow Welcome Campaign” gave priority to participants, depending on the number of NFTs they held, in joining the next Bar Shinobi event. 

As credit card payment is accepted, the number of CNP owners has increased to more than 4,700 since its launch. 

Of these owners, 57 per cent hold one item, 20 per cent have two to three items, 13 per cent hold four to ten items while 7 per cent have 11 to 50 items. 

More than half of the owners, or 55 per cent, have held the NFTs for more than three months; 24 per cent owners have held them for 30 to 90 days; 18 per cent for 7 to 29 days and 3 per cent for 1 to 6 days. 

Bucket is planning to release CNP Friends, a smartphone app that connects to a crypto asset wallet and includes a function to enable easy communication among CNP holders. The company said it aims to make holding NFTs more enjoyable.