Sake producer Asahi Shuzo to release Dassai-themed NFTs along with limited-edition sake

Sake brewer Asahi Shuzo will launch an NFT collection based on its premier Dassai sake line on August 31. 

The SUBLIMATA collection will offer 777 unique and original 1 of 1 NFTs created by Irish contemporary artist Kevin Abosch, who has visited the Japanese brewery to learn about its brewing process and values. 

Inspired by Abosch’s art, Asahi Shuzo will produce a limited, specially brewed premium sake “Dassai Beyond” to be shipped to collectors of this NFT series worldwide. 

Similar limited editions have been highly sought after, with one bottle fetching about US$8,000 at a 2020 Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong.

A renowned contemporary artist, Abosch is both a pioneer in digital art and heavily involved in the NFT space since 2016. His body of work embraces both traditional and generative methods, particularly AI and blockchain, and has been exhibited in many of the world’s leading museums, galleries and art institutions.

The project was launched in collaboration with NFT art studio CreativeWorkStudios. It will also support the Blue Marine Foundation, an NGO that works on marine life.

J. Harry Edmiston, founder of NFT Collective/CreativeWorkStudios, who initiated and coordinates the project, said: “We are building a community of creators and collectors with shared values, and curating brands and artists to support the NFT and blockchain space. It’s a community built on a shared desire to deliver meaningful and impactful projects that make art, and this collaboration does just that.”

Pre-registration is now open CreativeWorkStudios’ website.