Meta Quest 2 headset no longer requires Facebook login

Source: Shutterstock

Meta, formerly Facebook, has started rolling out a new login system which allows users to create a new Meta account and use it to log into their Quest 2 VR headsets. 

With the new Meta account, users will no longer be required to use a Facebook account to log into Quest 2 headsets. The previous requirement has been unpopular with many users as it made the activity known to their Facebook friends.

When setting up a Meta account, users can also create their Meta Horizon profile, according to an announcement by Meta on August 23.

“This update will roll out globally on a gradual basis, so if you don’t have the option to create a Meta account and Meta Horizon profile right away, you’ll get the update soon,” the company said. 

New users of the Quest 2 headset will be able to create a Meta account using their email address or Facebook or Instagram account. There are also privacy settings enabling users to create and use a Meta account without their Facebook or Instagram friends knowing about it.

Meta, then known as Facebook, launched the Quest 2 headset in 2020 and required users to have a Facebook login for access. It reversed the decision in late 2021 and signaled that it would provide other login means by 2023.

In July, Meta chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said the change would give everyone more choice about how they appear on the metaverse.