The Sandbox set to open Alpha Season 3

The Sandbox, a popular gaming virtual world and a subsidiary of Hong Kong blockchain company Animoca Brands, has announced that it will launch Alpha Season 3 on August 24. 

The upcoming season will be the largest Alpha Season to date, encompassing more than 90 experiences over the span of 10 weeks. It will be open to all and for free, The Sandbox announced on August 17.

The playable experiences will include 27 experiences from brand partners such as Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, Deadmau5, Sueco, Warner Music Group, Ubisoft’s Rabbids, Bored Ape Yacht Club, World of Women, The Smurfs, Steve Aoki, Metapride, Care Bears, and Atari. 

Players can choose one of more than 140,000 avatar NFTs – including 13 beloved collections such as BAYC, Clone X, Moonbirds, Aoki, Coolcats and others – to play in the decentralised virtual world. 

During Alpha Season 3, players can level up, participate in Raffles to earn Alpha Season 3 Passes that grant a chance to win up to 500 SAND, climb the Leaderboard, and earn SAND rewards.

“We are excited to develop new use cases for the owners of these collections, starting with digital identity and the ability to create the worlds for these NFTs to be played with and evolve,” said Sébastien Borget, The Sandbox’s co-founder and chief operating officer.

“Together with the most creative and engaged Web3 communities, we have a chance to define open metaverse culture and shape the future of our social interactions,” Borget added.

The Sanbox’s Alpha Season 3 follows the successful Alpha Season 2, which was launched in March 2022 and attracted over 325,000 players. The game allows players to create avatars, buildings and other items to play in the Web3 metaverse.

In March, US news magazine Time listed The Sandbox as the 100 most influential companies in the world, along with NFT marketplace OpenSea and Meta (formerly Facebook).