Japan’s DDT Pro Wrestling uses NFT to award right to challenge champion

The NFT representing the right to challenge the DDT Pro Wrestling champion is shown on OpenSea.

Japanese wrestling organisation DDT Pro Wrestling has presented a wrestler with an NFT to signify his right to challenge its top title’s reigning champion, a move designed to uphold the spirit of allowing wrestlers to challenge a title holder “anytime, anywhere.”

Mixed martial artist Shinya Aoki won the right to challenge current KO-D champion Kazusada Higuchi during the match “Road to Peter Pan 2022” held in Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall on August 14. Aoki was awarded an NFT that guarantees him the right to challenge Higuchi anytime before the end of 2023. The NFT is based on Ethereum.

DDT is a popular pro-wrestling organisation with a unique and entertaining style that calls itself “Bunka-kei Puroresu” (culture-oriented pro-wrestling), and Higuchi was crowned KO-D champion, the premier title, for the first time in July.

Until Aoki’s challenge right expires at the end of 2023, he can challenge Higuchi at any time. However, the challenge right applies outside of matches, so if Higuchi loses a match against someone other than Aoki or a non-DDT organisation, the title may be transferred to the winning wrestler and the NFT ownership may also be transferred.

Meanwhile, Fanplus, which operates fan sites for music artists, is auctioning NFT tickets for front row seats to the “Super RIZIN / Shonan Beauty Clinic presents RIZIN.38,” a wrestling match between Floyd Mayweather and Mikuru Asakura, on September 25 at Saitama Super Arena. The tickets will be auctioned on the Fanpla Owner marketplace.

Each NFT ticket includes a digital album with photos taken from the event and a special video of the fighters, as a special benefit for its owner. The NFT can be traded after the tournament through secondary distribution. The minimum bid price is 1 million yen (US$7,455)  and eight items will be released. Payment can be made by Ethereum, credit card and bank transfer.