Every Little Thing’s first NFTs sell out on launch day

The first NFTs of popular music duo Every Little Thing sold out quickly during their launch day on August 7, which marked the 26 anniversary of the group’s debut. 

The NFTs were limited editions and available in 100 units only. They included photos from the duo’s concept album “Every Little Thing SUMMER SELECTIO.” 

The album features a selection of summer songs from the group’s career, including their debut song “Feel My Heart,” hit songs “Swimmy” and “Grip!,” and exclusive tracks “water(s)” and “Masha no Telepathy.” 

Sales of the NFTs began at 6pm on The NFT Records, an NFT marketplace specialising in music, and the collection quickly sold out.

Every Little Thing’s record label, Avex, announced in March that its subsidiary Avex Technologies (ATS) would partner with the popular blockchain game The Sandbox to open a theme park, tentatively called Avex Land, on the land ‘LAND’ on the virtual world platform by the end of this year. 

The aim is to create a virtual place where artists and fans can interact with each other. Avex is considering holding events such as live performances, fan meetings, exhibitions and NFT sales. 

A “Metavex District LAND Sale” was held ahead of the opening of Avex Land. It featured a total of six NFT items related to four Avex artists – Pikotaro, Ayumi Hamasaki (ayupan), AmPm and Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO) – and the “Avex Pass,” which grants access to the first event on Avex Land, and LAND “’Premium LAND.”