Kollektion operator KLKTN teams up with Kyuzan to provide NFT solutions

KLKTN, which operates NFT platform Kollektion, has partnered with blockchain start-up Kyuzan to provide solutions for Japanese companies aspiring to develop and launch NFTs.

The partnership will combine the two companies’ technical capabilities in NFT development with international marketing capabilities, KLKTN said on August 3.

Established in Hong Kong in July 2021, KLKTN was founded by Lifenet Life Insurance co-founder Daisuke Iwase, music producer and songwriter Jeff Miyahara, and Fabiano Soriani, who was involved in the development of the blockchain game Cryptokitties at blockchain developer Dapper Labs.

In addition to selling NFTs featuring musicians such as Shinichi Osawa, MIYAVI and popular South Korean actor Dong-Won Kang, the company also teamed up with Kodansha’s Young Magazine editorial department in December 2021 to launch an NFT version of the first instalment of the new manga series “code: Nostra.”

In June, it created an NFT collection to mark the 10th anniversary of the popular four-piece band Gesu no Kiwami-Otome. KLKTN has raised a cumulative US$10.5 million so far, with plans to launch new features such as an auction function and community events on Kollektion this year.

Kyuzan was established in 2018. It develops and operates “Mint,” a platform that makes it easy for brands to start NFT shops to promote their values, and has supported projects such as “Rhizomatiks NFT Experiment,” the first NFT art project launched by artist Perfume.