Creators’ group Konel to launch brainwave artwork NFTs

BWTC, a project run by Japan-based creators’ group Konel, will launch NFTs featuring brainwave paintings after it earlier opened its store in the metaverse.

The BWTC creators buy brainwave data from the public and aim to properly use the data. They use an automated buying machine to buy brainwaves, and then generate and sell brainwave paintings using their own programmes.

BWTC has converted the paintings into NFTs and will put them on sale at the newly launched BWTC Metaverse Store from July 30, the same day that an exhibition will be held to showcase BWTC’s brainwave paintings.

The NFTs include artworks based on the brainwaves from five expert “donors.” They are information scientist Junichi Rekimoto; media artist Kazuhiko Hachiya; Takuya Kitagawa, co-founder of the Well-being for Planet Earth Foundation and director the Unsun Foundation; Naotaka Fujii, a brain scientist and chief scientific officer of the RIKEN venture Hakosco; and Keiko Otaryo, chief executive and president of Hakosco.

The quantity for each of the five experts’ brainwave paintings available at the BWTC Metaverse Store is limited to 10. Each is priced at 10,000 yen including tax. BWTC has also plans to add new works in the future. 

They will start with five works and are considering adding new works and products in the future.

During the exhibition, entitled the BWTC Trade Week, the group will also offer to buy brainwaves from visitors, for 1,000 yen per 100 seconds of input. Naotaka Fujii and AR experts will discuss the possibilities of brainwaves, innovations related to brain science and data business, and the relationship between art and technology during a seminar on July 30.