The Sandbox teams up with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk to build skatepark in metaverse

The Sandbox, a popular blockchain-powered open-world game, has announced a partnership with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk and Autograph to build the largest virtual skatepark in the metaverse. 

Through the partnership, Tony Hawk and The Sandbox will collaborate on Hawk’s 6×6 LAND to build the largest virtual skatepark ever, The Sandbox, which is under Hong Kong blockchain company Animoca Brands, said in a June 15 statement. 

In addition, U.S.-based NFT platform Autograph will create Tony Hawk avatar NFTs based on the skateboarding legend and his most iconic skateboards, equipment, and apparel including the legendary skateboard that Hawk used to land the 900 at the X Games in 1999.

Hawk has been crowned World Champion for 12 consecutive years. Also an entrepreneur, he founded The Skatepark Project – an initiative dedicated to developing skateparks in lower-income areas. Hawk is an inaugural member of the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. 

“I have been a fan of new technology all of my life — from the first videogames and home computers with CGI capabilities — so I am fascinated by the metaverse, and excited to bring our culture into the virtual landscape of The Sandbox,” Hawk said.

Sebastien Borget, chief operating officer and co-founder of The Sandbox, said: “Tony Hawk embodies the perseverance of constantly striving for improvement while never giving up, and it forged him into a skateboarding legend and successful entrepreneur.”

“We share his passion for innovation, creativity, and the drive to constantly create something: this is the energy that powers our entertainment metaverse. There’s no better way to bring skateboarding culture to The Sandbox than by following the example of the greatest skateboarder of all time, whose legacy stretches from the sport and lifestyle’s early days to the present and beyond.”

Dillon Rosenblatt, co-founder and chief executive at Autograph, said: “We strive to build otherwise impossible experiences for communities of fans and this is a step towards our goal of connecting them uniquely and at scale to Tony Hawk and each other.”