Polygon integrating Web3 tech into Nothing smartphones

Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform, is bringing its Web3 functionality to smartphone users under a partnership with British tech start-up Nothing, the manufacturer of the upcoming Nothing phone (1).

The partnership includes an NFT project called “Nothing Community Dots,” which will allow members to access exclusive community content, unlock special perks such as discounts and join offline events.

The NFTs, called Black Dots, will be airdropped first to Nothing community investors and then to customers who have pre-ordered the Android-based Nothing phone (1). 

The partnership comes ahead of the launch of the Nothing phone (1) in London on July 12. 

Polygon said it aimed to bridge real-world products with the fast-growing Web3 space. “ In the future, the goal is to make all of Nothing’s phone products and other ecosystem devices future-ready by supporting sustainable and secure access to Web3 applications,” it said.

In June, Solana, which develops the Solana blockchain, unveiled a new Web3-focused smartphone called Solana Saga. The phone would operate on Android and feature an NFT marketplace, a decentralised trading platform and a secret key protection system.

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer Hongda International Electronics (HTC) also announced a new device, the HTC Desire 22 Pro, which is compatible with metaverse platforms, in the same month.

It will be pre-installed with Viverse, an app that allows users to access and manage metaverse content, buy crypto assets and NFTs to create their own virtual space. The phone is also designed to work with HTC’s lightweight VR headset, the Vive Flow.