RTFKT releases 3D files, commercial rights to Clone X NFT owners

Digital design studio RTFKT has announced that holders of the popular NFT collection Clone X – in which contemporary artist Takashi Murakami takes part – can receive 3D files for creating original content. 

Released in December 2021, Clone X recorded a transaction volume of over US$ 65 million in three weeks after its launch. It has since been commercialising some IPs and granting content access to owners.

The 3D files can be used to create original content such as Clone X’s VTuber, fashion models, video game demos, fan art NFTs, and wearable items using the 3DCG production tool “Blender,” RTFKT said in a July 5 announcement, adding this was the biggest move ever it had done to build its community.

Apart from the 3D files, the studio also granted commercial rights to owners using Clone X to create their content.

“We believe this will be the start of a new wave in the creator economy, connecting collectors and creators around the world, spawning and uncovering new talents, content, value, IPs and brands,” RTFKT said.

The distribution of 3D files is currently an alpha version, but the studio will gradually update functions and models to support even beginners in creating original content. In addition, the Murakami Drip Clones designed by Murakami can only be used for creation, but not for commercial use.

RTFKT was established in 2020 and raised US$8 million from venture capital (VC) Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and others. In December 2021, it was acquired by US sports brand Nike.