Skyland Ventures acquires OhayaStudio NFT collection

Skyland Ventures (SV), a venture capital fund focusing on seed start-up investments, has acquired the NFT collection OhayaStudio/Cool Collection operated by creator Ohaya, the company said.

The collection will be renamed “OhayaStudio/ Skyland Collection” and run jointly with Ohaya, according to an announcement by Skyland Ventures on June 16.

The purchase price is 15 ETH (approximately US$16,400). Under the deal, Ohaya will continue to take charge in NFT creation, in which Skyland Ventures will not be involved, while they will jointly develop marketing strategy. Ohaya will continue to hold copyrights of the NFTs and receive 70% of revenue in initial distribution and 50% in secondary distribution.

Ohaya, who is now working on his “Mecha Series” NFT based on humanoids, said: “We thought we would need to fight as a project and a team in the future, and the objectives and principles of both parties matched. We are now in a position to say, ‘NFT art is fun! Let’s make the best of our efforts so that we can proudly say, ‘NFT art is fun!’”

Skyland Ventures has so far invested in more than 120 start-ups in Japan, mainly in new business areas such as VR, AI and live-streaming. 

Since 2022, the company has started investing in Web3 start-ups. In April, it set up a new fund, Skyland Ventures No. 4 Investment Limited Partnership (SV No. 4 Fund), to specialise in the Web3 space, with plans to invest a total of 5 billion Japanese yen (approximately US$37 million) in crypto assets, NFT and blockchain areas. Its notable investments included NFT collections such as “Cool Girl NFT.” 

Yoshihiko Kinoshita, SV’s partner and chief executive, commented that “SV is just starting out as a VC in the Web3 space, and we thought it would be important for SV to be part of the ecosystem of the NFT collection itself in all its forms as it evolves in the future.”