‘REALITY XR cloud’ new service aims to help clients hold metaverse-based events

REALITY, a subsidiary of Japanese smartphone game company GREE, has launched a new service that aims to help corporate users hold various virtual events and reach customers on the metaverse.

The new function, called “World,” was launched on June 15 within the virtual live-streaming application “REALITY,” which allows users to create original avatars and communicate with viewers on smartphones using motion capture technology. There is also a monetisation function for gifts received.

“World” allows users’ avatars to perform certain gestures and carry items such as water guns and umbrellas as they move freely in a 3D space, where the background will change among eight themes according to the time of day.

The new function is part of the “REALITY XR cloud” service, a metaverse building platform for business clients using 3D CG and XR technology. 

“REALITY World” can be used to organise events in the metaverse including promotions, exhibitions, social gatherings, as well as for the development of spaces such as virtual branches, the company said.

A campaign is being held until 15 July, offering a discount of up to 50% on the initial development costs to users of the application.

Late last year, REALITY began offering a video chat function that allows up to eight users to talk in real-time using avatars.