Popular band Gesu no Kiwami Otome to celebrate anniversary with NFT art project

Popular band Gesu no Kiwami Otome will launch their first NFT art project, encompassing 1,203 artworks, music files and new songs, to mark their 10th anniversary.

The NFT collection will be centred on animated character “Maru,” which has been created with Gesu’s inspirations. Owners of the NFT can join Gesu on Discord and see their live performances online, in addition to receiving giveaways. 

“Maru” was created by KLKTN, a Hong Kong-based company that operates the NFT platform Kollektion (Collection), and Central Park, a London-based artist of Korean descent who is active in creating Web3 spaces and community culture.

A total of 740 NFTs will be sold to whitelisted users in a presale starting 10am on June 29. Another 360 will be put on to a public sale at 10pm on July 1. An event will be held in early July to reveal the NFTs’ features and rarity. In August, their owners can start receiving free giveaways and attending online performances. 

Formed in 2012, Gesu have gained a passionate fanbase by incorporating different musical elements, from hip-hop to classical and rock, and in 2015 the four-piece band made their first appearance on the annual, year-end Red and White Song Festival organised by Japanese broadcaster NHK.

KLKTN was founded in July last year by Daisuke Iwase, co-founder of Japan-based Lifenet Insurance, in collaboration with music producer and songwriter Jeff Miyahara, Fabiano Soriani, who worked on Cryptokitties at Dapper Labs.