Sado Island holds contest on combing NFT use, tourism

Sado Tourism Association’s website

A tourism association is inviting students and young people in Japan to combine NFT art with spectacular sights on Sado Island in a contest, to support the outlying island’s bid to list its historic site as a UNESCO World Heritage. 

The U29 Sado Tourism NFT Plan Contest 2022 is asking for proposals that will make use of NFT art and tourism resources on Sado Island to promote tourism and token businesses, the Sado Tourism Association, which organises the contest, said on June 6.

Japan has applied to register a historic gold mine complex on Sado Island as a World Heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 2023. 

The contest is inviting students and young people from all across Japan to take part. Registration began on June 5 and will last until July 16. 

It will be a “community-based” contest where participants will search together for the attractions of Sado Island and come up with proposals on how to utilise the resources. It also aims to encourage young people to use blockchain technology and NFT. 

Seminars will be held in July to help participants have a grasp of Sado’s culture and history, Web3 and NFT. There will also be sessions for them to form teams.

A panel of judges will choose a winning team in October following a presentation by participants. The organisers will then issue the NFT suggested in the winning proposal. 

Sado Island residents are also invited. The organisers will launch an “audience NFT” for Sado residents to buy. Its holder will be able to join the contest through Discord, and have the right to vote on a winning proposal. They will also have the right to purchase the winners’ NFT in advance after the contest.