Goblintown NFT starts McGoblin Burger drop

Goblintown, an NFT collection which has shot to fame within weeks since its launch last month, has started distributing the McGoblin Burger, a customisable burger NFT, to its owners.

Goblintown features 9,999 NFTs of grotesque goblins. It was a free mint, meaning people who caught the public sale only needed to pay the transaction fee. Since its launch, their prices have soared rapidly in the NFT marketplace OpenSea. As of June 4, the lowest price was 5.88 ETH. Trading volume of the collection amounted to 26,000 ETH.

The McGoblin Burger’s drop began on June 4, allowing each Goblintown NFT owner to claim one McGoblin Burger only. Each Burger, however, can have up to six toppings such as fries, slop and meat. 

There are also two functions “Oopsy” and “Utilipee” for owners to enable to affect their McGoblin Burger’s metadata. Another option “NOMZ” is said to allow a goblin to eat its Burger, and it is believed that the eating will have some effects on the goblin NFT.


Goblintown’s rise to fame is fueled partly by the mystery surrounding its creators and objectives. Rumour has it that it is a secret project by Yuga Labs, which owns the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. The project’s motto is  “No roadmap. No discord. No utility, CC0.” So far the goblin NFTs have been used mainly as Twitter profile images, or for the purpose of getting people together to hold “goblin-speak” gatherings, without other clear usage.