Manga, anime artists launch Web3-based project

A group of Japanese artists have launched a project aimed at bridging the manga and animation worlds they pen with new possibilities enabled by Web3 and NFT.

The AnimeFi project, launched on May 27, will not only allow viewers to read or watch manga and anime, but also make it possible for them to participate in developing the stories. It will also allow people to own collectible NFTs of characters featured in the works, and to develop secondary works subject to approval by a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO).

Kick-starting the project will be manga live-painter Shinnosuke Uchida and animator GOZ:  who is in charge of drawing the television adaptation of popular manga “Demon Slayer.” They would co-create a completely original IP work in which Uchida’s manga paintings are animated by GOZ:. As well, it will be released regularly and can only be viewed by NFT holders. The first leg of their work has been scheduled for release this summer.

Uchida’s live painting will be shown in advance at the Blockchain EXPO [Spring] to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from June 11 to13. Details of the works will be announced gradually on the official website, scheduled to launch on June 1.

Due to the popularity of Japanese manga and anime worldwide, there is a growing interest in NFT collections created on the theme of such works. 

The AnimeFi project plans to make full use of animation and 3D visuals as its stories develop, in order to give readers a realistic and immersive experience.