Limited NFT packages on sale for theatrical play ‘The Miracle Worker’

Theatre goers can buy souvenirs in the form of non-fungible tokens for theatrical performance ‘The Miracle Worker,’ which stars Mitsuki Takahata and Yuna Taira and is now playing in Tokyo. 

Media Do, which operates NFT marketplace FanTop, has linked NFT souvenirs with a theatrical performance for the first time.

A total of four NFTs including photos of stage plays and unreleased cuts are being sold in limited-edition bundles that can also include a booklet and a tote bag. The prices range from 2,300 yen to 4,500 yen. 

The packages are available at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Playhouse, from May 18, when the show starts there, and at Osaka’s Umeda Arts Theatre Drama City from Jun. 8. They are also available at the HORIPRO Online Shop.

The Miracle Worker is a story about Annie Sullivan, a private tutor, and Helen Keller, a triple-suffering girl. It was first performed in 1959 and has since been performed in countries around the world. Annie is played by Takahata and Helen by Taira, who is making her first appearance on stage. This is Takahata’s fourth appearance in the play, having played Helen in 2009.

Media Do is also involved in the e-book business and has released the Meta (Oculus) Quest / Quest2 compatible application ‘XR Manga Fist of the North Star’ in VR release and other activities. The application allows users to read all volumes of the popular manga ‘Fist of the North Star’, serialised in the 1980s manga magazine ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’ and still loved in Japan and abroad.

With HORIPRO, which is involved in a wide range of stage productions, Media Do is looking at possibilities of developing various types of NFT-related products.