Volleyball club Voreas Hokkaido utilizes Web3 for fandom activities

Voreas Hokkaido, a volleyball team in the Japanese second division V-League, will utilize Web3 technology to hold interactive activities with its fans, starting from a home game to be held on February 25.

A series of NFTs will be issued under the “DIG! VOREAS” campaign to serve as fandom certificates, such as certificates of their visit and goods purchase. It will also allow fans to collect their records of support for the team in a digital album.

Special tickets will be issued to allow fans to act as the team’s “semi-official” photographers during a game. They will have the right to take photos of the players from the front-row seats. After the game ends, they can submit their favorite photos and their works will be sold as fandom certificates on the official website “VOREAS MEGASTORE” after passing a selection process. A “photography project participation certificate” will be issued to these photographers as a proof of their role. 

The special tickets will first be introduced to the home match against Daido Steel on February 25 and the match against Viatin on the following day. Each special ticket is priced at 4,000 yen each including tax for the 1st and 2nd court sides. An NFT, a certificate of visit and a certificate of participation in the photography project, will be emailed to visitors free of charge at a later date.

NFTs for official team fandom certificates will be available in early March. There will be three classes: 500 yen including tax for “class A,” 1,000 yen for “class S,” and 5,000 yen for “class SS.”

To commemorate the release of the service, a lottery will be held for purchasers of fandom certificates. Winners will receive a video thank-you message from the players. The probability of winning depends on the number and grade of fandom certificates held by each user.

DIG!VOREAS has been selected for the INNOVATION LEAGUE SPORTS BUSINESS BUILD 2022, an acceleration program run by the Sports Agency to create next-generation sports industries. The program will be implemented during off-season and the 23-24 season.