Money Forward links personal asset management tool to blockchain wallets

Japan’s Money Forward has linked blockchain-based wallets to its personal asset management service Money Forward Me, allowing users to manage crypto asset exchanges and check price movements easily.

The Money Forward ME service, which already could be linked to crypto exchanges, can now be linked to Ethereum and Polygon blockchain wallets. It is now possible to link directly with the address of the blockchain wallet itself. The price movements of the crypto assets in the wallet can be “visualized” in a graph, the company said in a February 20 statement.

Since its launch in 2012, Money Forward ME has been expanding its services, including bank accounts, credit cards, points, and stocks. With the recent rise of Web3, crypto assets, stable coins, and NFTs have the potential to become future payment methods and assets, the company said it aims to provide a new experience that integrates and manages these assets.

To commemorate the release of the new function, Money Forward will conduct a free mint campaign for its original NFT artwork “MF GACHA”. The NFT was created on the theme of currencies in history and items with a similar function. A total of 15 types of art will be randomly issued on a special website for a limited time. 

The campaign is running until March 31 and open to both users of Money Forward ME and non-users. They will need to pay any fees, such as gas fees, incurred for minting NFT art.