Web3 drama TOKYOCASE to distribute free NFTs in co-creation campaign

Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings and its subsidiary Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation have announced they will freely distribute the NFT of “TOKYOCASE,” a VR/Web3 drama currently available on Meta Quest TV, an application for Meta Quest 2, a VR headset, in an effort to promote a creators’ economy. 

The group will launch a campaign called “Parallel Creation” which will invite creators to produce video content together. Creators who provide outstanding works will have a chance to produce more works in the future. .

In “TOKYOCASE,” Reimi, a detective with supernatural psychic abilities, seeks to avenge the death of his former teacher, who was attacked by a grudge spirit called Magatsuhi during an undercover investigation of a cult group. Two episodes each in English and Japanese were aired from October 2022.

In order to co-create “TOKYOCASE” contents with creators, the broadcaster will distribute a limited number of 888 copies of “Magatsuhi Genesis,” the NFT of Magatsuhi, for free on its official website. A special web page will be opened for access only by NFT holders, Asahi said in a February 16 statement.

In the meantime, the “Parallel Creation” campaign will be conducted on social media platforms. Asahi said that instead of the conventional relationship between IP holders and “secondary creators,” the project aims to “create works together while sharing IPs,” and invites works related to “TOKYOCASE” created using the NFTs. The works will be shared on Twitter and Instagram accounts by posting them with specified hashtags.

The form of works can be paintings, videos, stories, music, and interpretation is free as long as it is TOKYOCASE fan art, including catch copy and original trailer creation. However, the use of portraits of the actors in the drama is prohibited. Application is open until April 15.

Creators who submit outstanding works may be asked to create more works in the future. Participants will be paid and credited if the official production team uses their works. In addition, the rights to commercialize products using the TOKYOCASE IP and other business development rights will also be granted.