Toei Animation’s upcoming IP project to utilize NFTs for the first time

Major anime production company Toei Animation is teaming up with Strata, a creative technology studio based in Tokyo and New York, to release an NFT project called “DenDekaDen”. This is the first time Toei Animation has launched a new IP project utilizing NFTs.

The game is set in Kyoto, and features seven characters who evolve from spirits to gods, gaining power when followers support and respond to them on their Twitter accounts. The characters also grow through communication and other forms of cooperation.

The project will be the first franchise of Baunsu, a new metaverse infrastructure platform currently under development by Strata. The next steps for the project will be announced in Kyoto in early spring 2023 to coincide with the cherry blossom season. In a February 3 announcement, Toei Animation stated that “along with the creation of stories utilizing blockchain technology, we aim to create characters that will be loved globally with a long-term perspective rather than a short-term business focus.”

In January 2022, Toei Animation launched a project to turn NFT art into animations. The project is based on the NFT art collection “Zombie Zoo” created by Japanese elementary school student Zombie Zoo Keeper during his summer vacation research. Zombie Zoo Keeper was subsequently selected by the economic magazine Forbes JAPAN as one of the “100 Faces of the Year.”