Decentralized social app ‘Damus’ launched

Social media platform Twitter has a new competitor after Damus, a decentralized social networking application, was launched on February 1.

Damus is built on an open and decentralized protocol known as Nostr. According to its official website, the new app promises an open social network without a central authority that makes decisions about the network’s content or who is allowed to participate, as Facebook or Twitter do.

There is also no requirement to sign up with a phone number, email or name thanks to the way Nostr works. Messages are distributed through decentralized relays. With the support of Bitcoin’s Lighting Network, users can tip friends for their posts.

Damus is among the first social media apps to leverage the Nostr protocol, which was founded after Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey donated 14 Bitcoin (approximately US$245,000) last year to fund the development of an open and decentralized protocol. 

Apart from Damus, Nostr is used for Anigma, a similar service to the Telegram communication app, and Jester, a chess app.